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Honorary Doctorates and Lifetime Achievement Awards are very encouraging and i'm blessed with it... It's pretty exciting. A Life Time Achievement Award at this Young age and An honorary doctorate on Marma Chikitsa & Specialization in Panchakarma Treatment Procedures. It doesn't get any better. I Heartily thank Virtual University of India for identifying my work and by awarding Life Time Achievement Award & a Honorary Doctorate. First of all i thank God, my Parents, Teachers and Friends for the blessings and for the great support rendered by you all
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Best back pain treatment center:- We having very specialised ayuveda doctors who will give treatment for back pain and spinal cord injuries treatment by without operation we reduce your all problems , very trusted organization visit our ayurveda hospital .
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Best ayurveda doctors :- We highly qualified ayurveda doctors for all types of disease and we do treat for cancer, treatment for neck pain, treatment for back pain and treatment for weight loss.
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Best ayurvedic treatment center :- For all disease ayurvedic treatment is best way get cured and stay healthy , we give treatment for back pain and joints pain treatment contact us for for more details.
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Ayur Matam is a dream of people who wants to do something to the needy by promoting Ayurveda Marma Chikitsa specially who suffers from, Spine disorders, Nervous Disorder, Muscle Disorder, Bone Disorder, Stomach Disorder, Respiratory Disorder, Sexual Disorder, Mental Health Disorder & Skin Disorder